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Does your portfolio have too much risk? Or not enough?

Knowing your risk score can help you make appropriate investment choices.
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Whitaker Wealth Management Services, AEWM, and Nitrogen Wealth Inc. f/k/a Riskalyze Inc. (Nitrogen) are not affiliated companies. Neither Whitaker Wealth Management Services nor AEWM can guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Nitrogen software or outputs. Nitrogen is intended to be used as a tool in designing a financial portfolio. 

Whitaker Wealth Blueprint

Careful consideration. Using the right tools. Hard work. Financial planning and home building share several key components ... all of which we utilize throughout our Whitaker Wealth Blueprint to help build your ideal retirement.


Does your financial abode need remodeling?

It’s not always wise to DIY. This free eight-page guide provides a blueprint for a sturdy fiscal home that can remain intact amid even the most unpredictable external elements. You will learn:

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    What you need to know to understand annuities

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    Why savings alone may not be enough for your retirement

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    How annuity growth and withdrawal options work

Guarantees and protections provided by insurance products, including annuities, are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance carrier. Annuities are not bank or FDIC insured.

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