Kim Whitaker


Years of working alongside her husband, Ed, helped Kim Whitaker realize that the couple also makes an outstanding team professionally. They now combine their skills, education and experience — as well as a shared passion to help others make their dream retirement a reality — at the firm they founded, Whitaker Wealth Management Services.

Kim’s duties mainly involve making the day-to-day business decisions, management of the team and processes, and developing the big-picture outlook for Whitaker Wealth. She worked in the same capacity with Ed for several years when the latter served clients through the First National Bank in Tremont. After taking a break in 2018 to address health concerns, Kim returned healthy and full of energy to help her husband establish Whitaker Wealth in 2022.

Kim has an entrepreneurial spirit and has founded several businesses in her working career, which mostly revolved around real estate investing. Kim has also served as a realtor and done contracting work on new home construction. She looks forward to organizing social events in the near future in order to bring together our clients for education, socialization and fun.

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